Political scientist: By demonstrating rivalry between West and Russia, Armenia wants to pull money out of both

Photo: Political scientist: By demonstrating rivalry between West and Russia, Armenia wants to pull money out of both / Politics

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By demonstrating rivalry between the West and Russia for Armenia, it's trying to pull out money from both West and Russia, the director of the Centre for Political Innovation and Technology Mubariz Ahmedoglu stated on Thursday.

He said the Armenian bluff policy is giving results in European directions.

"European commission member Fule added 15 million euros to the previously negotiated 28 million, presented to Armenia. Russia hasn't promised anything yet. This is why Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisyan, who's considered to be European oriented, has prepared a new bluff plan, making use of the meeting of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev," Ahmedoglu added.
Tigran Sarkisyan has confirmed the participation at a donor conference planned for the joint sponsoring of Armenia by Russia, EU and the WB, with Dmitry Medvedev, he said.

"Medvedev has promised Sargisyan that Russia will participate in sponsoring the Armenian economy's general development. Medvedev has told Sargisyan that Russia will take part in the construction of a new nuclear station block in Armenia. Medvedev has already given instructions to determine Russia's share in this project", the political scientist added.

Participation of the EU in NATO and CSTO military exercises can be explained as bluff, or an attempt to create friction between the West and Russia, Ahmedoglu stated.

Ahmedogly said all the steps taken by Russia in Armenia were accompanied by similar steps by the West. This is being organised by official Yerevan itself. Due to the visit of NATO general secretary Anders Fog Rasmussen, Armenia postponed its military exercises, stating that the polygon for military exercises isn't ready. Upon completion of the CSTO military exercises Armenia held a one day long NATO military exercise.

He went on to say that the NATO military exercises weren't necessary, as the Armenian military has just returned from military exercises in Germany.

"By coordinating political and military exercise parameters in NATO and CSTO, the Armenian government is sending a message of rivalry to the West as well as to Russia," Ahmedoglu added.

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