3 persons who incited violence and civil confrontation arrested in Baku

Azerbaijan, Baku, Mar. 9 / Trend /

Three persons who incited violence and civil confrontation, were arrested in Baku, press-services of the Ministry of National Security and the General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan reported.

According to information, law enforcement agencies received operative information of three persons who are planning a provocation aimed at inciting violence and civil confrontation at the unauthorized mass actions, scheduled for March 10. In fact, on the basis of the relevant decisions of the court and in accordance with the rules of criminal procedure, investigation was held.

As a result of investigation activities and searches carried out by the MNS and the Prosecutor General's Office, from home of the vocational school No. 17's 3rd year student Guliyev Bakhtiyar Samandar oglu (born in 1993) has been found 19 glass bottles with a flammamble mixture (so-called "Molotov cocktail") 255.40 grams of hashish and 15.48 grams of marijuana, from the place of residence of the Odlar Yurdu University's 3rd year student Novruzlu Shahin Ibrahim oglu (born in 1995) has been found three bottles of "Molotov cocktail", cash in the amount of 94.0 thousand manats, 252.27 grams of hashish and from home of 3rd year student of the Baku State University Azizov Mammad Rasim oglu (born in 1992) - 174.54 grams of marijuana and 28 photocopies of leaflets with the words "democracy is urgently required, tel: +994, address: Azerbaijan". All of the above has been withdrawn.

On the facts of the crime investigation department of the Prosecutor General's for serious crime filed a criminal case under articles 234.1 (illegal purchase, possession or sale of drugs) and 228.1 (illegal purchase, possession and carrying of weapons or explosives) of the AR Criminal Code.

Bakhtiyar Guliyev and Shahin Novruzlu were involved as suspects in crimes under Articles 234.1 and 228.1 of the Criminal Code, and Mamed Azizov - as a suspect in the crime under Article 234.1 of the Criminal Code.

The preliminary investigation found that all three since mid 2012 were drug addicts, as well as members of the "Nida" Civil Movement. They actively participated in the illegal activities conducted by the movement, as well as manufactured bottles with "Molotov cocktails."

In addition, Azizov, in his publications in the social networks maintained that peaceful actions are useless and expressed the need for "Molotov cocktails" capable of causing panic among the people. Another protestor, Guliyev in correspondence with Novruzlu discussed the need for a "Molotov cocktails", noise and smoke bombs through the following actions to provoke aggression in the population, and later made 10 "Molotov cocktails".

February 23, 2013 Shahin Novruzlu posted the video, teaching to make petrol, smoke and noise pieces in his Facebook profile. In addition, he also acquired a large number of masks and handed them out to others. In addition, Novruzlu corresponded with an unidentified person, where the question of acquisition of potassium used in the manufacture of smoke grenades, was discussed.

At present the investigation determines the place and manufacturers of "Molotov cocktails", source of the drugs, and the origin of 94 thousand manats, found from Shahin Novruzlu.

The public will be informed about the investigation.

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