Ukraine's territorial integrity not discussed

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Baku, Azerbaijan, Feb. 27
By Saba Agayeva - Trend:

Ukraine's territorial integrity is an issue that is not being discussed in the country, Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Alexander Mishchenko said at a press conference on the situation in the country on Feb. 27.

Crimea has not raised the question of secession from Ukraine. This is an artificially newly formed model of confrontation between the east and the west of Ukraine.

"At present, Ukraine has legitimate power and the new government will be approved by the Parliament on Feb. 27," he added. "Yanukovych's policy was aimed at enriching himself and his family. Local authorities, including the embassies have not been funded for the last two to three months."

"Ukraine has always had good relations with Russia," he added. "Kiev hopes that these will continue in the future and not be changed.

Political forces in Ukraine declare there is an absolutely tolerant attitude to all people and nationalities, Mishchenko added.

"The interests of some countries clash in Ukraine. However, he also denied the information of a number of the world's media outlets that Moscow or Ankara are behind the events in the Crimea," the diplomat said.

"The country has always had good relations with Russia and Turkey," he added. "They are Ukraine's strategic partners. We cannot accuse these countries of this incident."

He stressed that Crimea's events are a case for the concerned forces, without specifying their origin.

"The location of ex-President Yanukovych is still unknown," he added.

Mishchenko also expressed his gratitude to the Azerbaijani people for understanding and sympathy to the people of his country.

"The European integration course is the main vector of the country's foreign policy," he said. "The new government will do everything possible to accelerate it."

President Yanukovych was ousted as a result of protests in Ukraine. At present, a new government is being formed and early elections are being prepared.

Unknown individuals have recently seized the buildings of the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of Crimea.

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