Armenian lobby conducts “black PR” against Azerbaijan in international organizations

Photo: Armenian lobby conducts “black PR” against Azerbaijan in international organizations / Politics

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 17

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

Azerbaijan has turned into a reputable country in the international arena, and it has passed a 23-year path of independence and development, which is well known to everyone, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Azerbaijani President, Head of the Foreign Relations Department, Novruz Mammadov said.

"However, some forces both within the country and outside it do not want to see such success," the high-ranking official said, speaking at the First Congress of Azerbaijanis working in international organizations in Baku on March 17.

Mammadov pointed out that the Armenian lobby conducts activity against Azerbaijan in the world.

"Some politicians, media outlets, public bodies under their influence, carry out campaigns against Azerbaijan. They spread fictitious, false information, lies and slander about Azerbaijan, they do "black PR" against the country," Mammadov said.

"As sons of the country you are entrusted with the important task," he said, addressing the participants of the congress.

"Today, the number of Azerbaijanis working in international organizations has reached 100, and it is growing day by day," he said. "Our compatriots are promoted to higher positions in various organizations."

Mammadov went on to say that it would've been good if holding the Congress of Azerbaijanis working in international organizations, became a tradition.

"It would be nice if it became a tradition in order to expand cooperation, communication with each other, with institutions and structures in Azerbaijan," he said. "Any format can be created for this purpose. Each of you is a representative, a kind of ambassador of the Azerbaijani people in the country where you are located, in the organization, where you work. In this regard, the responsibility lies on you, as on Azerbaijanis."

Novruz Mammadov stressed that currently, Azerbaijani embassies operate in 57 countries, while general consulates operate in ten countries.

He said that in addition Azerbaijan has embassies of over 50 countries, and general consulates of three countries operating in the country, adding that over 20 Azerbaijani organizations function in the world, while the same amount of representative offices of foreign organizations operate in Azerbaijan.

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