Ukraine doesn’t recognize referendum in Crimea

Photo: Ukraine doesn’t recognize referendum in Crimea 
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Baku, Azerbaijan, March 17

By Sabina Agayeva - Trend:

Ukraine does not recognize the referendum in the Crimea, nor its results, Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Alexander Mishchenko said on March 17 at a press conference in Baku.

He said almost all international organizations and countries did not also recognize the referendum in the Crimea.

"The embassy tries to the maximum extent inform Azerbaijani public about the situation in Ukraine. The media gives a lot of information that there is now a very dangerous situation in Ukraine, and all these are not true. Ukrainians have no phobia against other nations," Mishchenko said.

He said Ukraine has always had good relations with Azerbaijan, and there is no signal about infringement of Azerbaijanis' rights in Ukraine.

"The people of Ukraine are ready to defend their country till the end," the diplomat said.

Mishchenko stressed that Azerbaijan also faced such a problem in the 90s of the XX century.

The vast majority of residents of Crimea - 96 percent - voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, in a referendum held March 16.

With the exception of Russia most countries refused to recognize the referendum and its results.

A change of power took place in Ukraine on Feb.22.

The Verkhovna Rada (parliament) ousted President Viktor Yanukovych from the power, changed the constitution and scheduled presidential elections for May 25. Yanukovych said that he was forced to leave Ukraine under the threat of violence, and he remains the legally elected head of state. A number of provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as the Crimea did not recognize the legitimacy of the Rada and decided on possibility of holding a referendum on the future fate of the regions.

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