Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan-France cooperation covers various areas, strengthens each day

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 11

By Seymur Aliyev - Trend:

Azerbaijan and France have been closely cooperating for over 20 years, this cooperation is multilateral, covers various areas and strengthens each day, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

President Aliyev made the remarks on Sunday, May 11, after observing the construction of the French Lyceum in Baku, along with the President of France, Francois Hollande.

President Aliyev sincerely welcomed Francois Hollande in Azerbaijan, noting that it is his first visit to Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani president expressed confidence that President Hollande's official visit to Azerbaijan will be an important step in the development of friendly ties between France and Azerbaijan, thus giving a new impetus to the development of these relations.

"We have very close political ties, and your official visit confirms this," President Aliyev said. "Political dialogue and an exchange of views on various topics are being constantly conducted, and we successfully cooperate within international organizations. In short, the high level of our political relations also positively affects all other areas."

He went on to add that a business forum will be held tomorrow to give a new impetus to the work to be undertaken in the economic sphere.

President Aliyev said he was pleased that a large delegation of businessmen arrived in Azerbaijan from France together with President Hollande.

"I am sure the business forum will have very good results. Because the trade ties between the two countries are strengthening, and, as you know, there are over 50 French companies working in Azerbaijan. At the same time, the cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, as well as in education, is developing - hundreds of representatives of Azerbaijani youth are studying at French universities, and this process continues," the president said.

He stressed that Azerbaijan attaches great significance to the development of education, as thousands of representatives of Azerbaijani youth receive state-funded education at the world's leading universities through the state line.

He also said that the commencement of the French president's visit to Azerbaijan with a visit to the French Lyceum clearly proves that the French leader also pays great attention to this area.

"That is, our goals here coincide, and I am sure the children who will be educated at this lyceum will even more strengthen the French-Azerbaijani relations in the future. French children will study here in their mother tongue, they will be linked to their motherland, while Azerbaijani children will perfectly master the French language, and at the same time become familiar with France's ancient history and rich culture," President Aliyev added.

The Azerbaijani president stressed that France has made an indispensable contribution to the world culture, science, art and architecture.

"World culture cannot be imagined without France. Our children, who will receive education here, will be closely linked to each other, they will become friends, and I am sure that they will retain these ties in the future when they grow up. Thus the younger generation grows up with respect and love towards each other, and this will further strengthen our friendship," the Azerbaijani president said.

President Aliyev said the French Lyceum in Baku is not just a new educational institution.

"The lyceum will become the center of the French-Azerbaijani friendship, and I am confident that the children here will be provided with a high level education," he said.

The president went on to add that Azerbaijan and France work on various projects in the humanitarian sphere.

"We are very pleased that Azerbaijani side also participates in the projects carried out in Paris, Versailles, Strasbourg, and that Azerbaijani side also took part in the work carried out at the Louvre. This even more strengthens our ties. At the same time, numerous events related to Azerbaijan, culture days, exhibitions, concerts were held in recent years in various French cities, the relations between the countries' cities are also very rich and fruitful," the Azerbaijani president stressed.

He went on to add that Azerbaijani cultural center was opened two years ago in the center of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.

"This is a small part of Azerbaijan in France, just like this school is the second area, the second French territory besides the embassy. The creation of this school also expresses our friendship, because it became possible thanks to the joint efforts, and both sides' sincere initiatives. The selection of this place also has a very big sense, because once during the Soviet period there was an industrial zone in this territory, and Baku's beautification in the recent years, and the projects on transferring the industrial zones to the outskirts of the city are carried out exactly in this zone," President Aliyev said.

The president underscored that the creation of a new school, the French Lyceum here is also symbolic, because the Paris Block is being created behind the lyceum as part of the 'White City' project.

"The White City, is in fact a city within a city. It is being created using the modern urban planning methods and the Parisian houses, Parisian Block, the French Lyceum, the Caspian Sea, the Baku Boulevard - this area is being transformed into a beautiful city center," President Aliyev said.

He also expressed confidence that the lovely atmosphere, the atmosphere of friendship existing here will more closely unite the two peoples.

"Dear Mr. President, distinguished guests, I once again sincerely welcome you to Azerbaijan, and I am grateful that you accepted our invitation and visited the country. I am sure the visit will be very successful, and it will have great results," President Aliyev said concluding his speech.

Translated by E.A.
Edited by S.I.

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