Attempts to interfere in Azerbaijan's internal affairs unacceptable - FM

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Baku, Azerbaijan, May 19


The interference in Azerbaijan's internal affairs and the attempts to guide it, are unacceptable, Elman Abdullayev, the spokesperson of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry told Trend on May 19.

He made the remarks while commenting on the latest interview of the U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan to the Azadlig radio, about the political situation in the country.

Abdullayev underscored that the inter-state relations should be based on the principles of equality.

Azerbaijan's path of independent development, successful reforms, its activities to create a state of law and a strong civil society, as well as its strengthening, are evident, he said.

"Azerbaijan is a state that has achieved great success and carried out reforms in many areas. The country has shown a model of a successful country to the international community," the spokesperson said.

Abdullayev noted that many leading countries endorse Azerbaijan's successful development model and emphasize its wise domestic and foreign policy.

"Other countries, including the U.S. are not able to carry out the work done by Azerbaijan in such a short period," he said.

The spokesman said that such statements and attempts to interfere in the activities of independent courts undermine inter-state relations.

Azerbaijan's legal system, regulating the activities of NGOs and the civil society, is more progressive and advanced than the legislation of many countries, including the U.S., he said.

Abdullayev pointed out that the Azerbaijani authorities have successfully implemented a number of measures to develop the civil society in the country.

He stressed that under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, those having diplomatic functions, should be aimed at developing mutual understanding and friendly ties among states.

The Interference in a country's internal affairs to the detriment of the Vienna Convention is nothing but an attempt to harm the friendly relations among countries, Abdullayev concluded.

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