History of Caucasian Albania - part of Azerbaijan’s history

Photo: History of Caucasian Albania - part of Azerbaijan’s history / Politics

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 10

By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

The history of the Caucasian Albania is a part of Azerbaijan's history, Azerbaijani Minister of Culture and Tourism, Abulfas Garayev told reporters on June 10.

Commenting on the allegations that the historical monuments of the Caucasian Albania, its churches belong to a different culture, the minister underscored that the culture of the Caucasian Albania is inseparable from Azerbaijan's culture.

Garayev stated that currently, the Azerbaijani scholars do not share the same position on studying the heritage of the Caucasian Albania, emphasizing with regret that Azerbaijan lacks a single concept on this issue.

The Azerbaijani minister went on to add that scholars have different approaches to this issue, but it doesn't mean that they contradict each other.

Nevertheless, the country's scientists clearly understand that the history of this ancient state belongs to the Azerbaijani people, Garayev said.

"We won't allow anyone to appropriate our history and we uphold this position in international organizations," he stressed.

"Azerbaijani government has always paid great attention to culture and history and a detailed study of Azerbaijan's history under the 'Azerbaijan 2020: vision for the future' concept is our duty," Garayev said.

The minister underscored that the historical heritage of the Caucasian Albania is today the integral part of Azerbaijan's history and therefore it is important to study the historical processes of that period.

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