Creative staff of rap song "Justice to Khojaly" created in Azerbaijan signs appeal to U.S, European and OIC parliamentarians (PHOTOS)

Azerbaijan, Baku, Jan. 18 / Trend A. Huseynbala /

The creative staff of the rap song "Justice to Khojaly" created in Azerbaijan has signed an appeal to parliamentarians of the United States, Europe and the OIC.

"A purpose of the rap song "Justice to Khojaly" is to bring the truth concerning the genocide committed by Armenians in Khojaly to the attention of the world community," the OIC Youth Forum Secretary General Elshad Iskandarov said at the event held in TREND News Agency on Monday.

Armenian troops committed genocide in Khojali on Feb. 26, 1992. The tragedy began early morning. Within hours, over 613 unarmed Azerbaijani citizens were killed. Among them were 106 women and 83 children. About 1,000 people were disabled by shots; 8 families were fully destroyed. A total of 25 children lost both of their parents and 130 children lost one of them. About 1,275 people were taken prisoner. Around 150 people went missing. Eight families were completely killed.

Iskenderov said within the campaign "Justice for Khojaly" famous American arranger Gordon Williams and U.S. rap singer, known for his works on social topics, Tony Blackman, signed an appeal to the president, the U.S. Congress calling for the recognition of Khojaly tragedy as a crime against humanity.

The International Information-Propaganda campaign "Justice for Khojaly" was launched on the initiative of the OIC Youth Forum General Coordinator Leyla Aliyeva. "This campaign was presented in more than 20 capitals of the world in February 2009 and successfully held during the year," he said.

Iskandarov said that meetings aimed at recognizing the Khojaly tragedy are also planned to be held in almost 30 countries worldwide on Feb. 26 this year along with the campaign held throughout the year. "During the events the song in the rap-style 'Justice to Khojaly' will be presented. Arranger of the song is Gordon Williams, " the general secretary said.

At present, video shooting is going on in Baku, he said.

"Video shooting will take place in the Alley of Martyrs, in the areas where internally displaced people have been settled. The creative staff is planned to meet with the victims of Khojaly tragedy. These shots are planned to be used in the clip," he said.

He said the song was performed by Tony Blackman and well-known Azeri rap group Dayirman.

"Blackman participated in a meeting of national coordinators of the campaign in Baku in November 2009. After reading the information on this unprecedented injustice committed against the Azerbaijani people, he decided to act to inform the world community about true facts of the Khojaly tragedy. During the meeting, the campaign initiator Leyla Aliyeva proposed the artist once again to arrive in Azerbaijan and support the campaign "Justice for Khojaly" together with national singers. The American singer has received Aliyeva's proposal with pleasure. He arrived in Baku together with arranger Gordon Williams and presented a song which he has created due to the campaign, " Secretary General said.

"I heard about the genocide in Khojaly. But I got the detailed information about this during the visit to Baku last year," Tony Blackman said at the event.

He said the world community should know more information about this genocide. "That's why I participate in the creation of the rap song and the clip for "Justice for Khojaly", the singer said.

The crimes against humanity were committed in Khojaly, Blackman said. "The same happened in Africa. But I have never thought that this could happen in this region", he said.

Iskandarov said the appeal signed by the creative staff of the clip will be also addressed to parliamentarians of European countries and the countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference, besides U.S. congressmen. "We want MPs, both individually and at the level of their parliaments to recognize that the Armenians committed crimes in Khojaly against humanity," the general secretary said.

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