Day.Az Media Company awarded with “Company of the Year” award

Photo: Day.Az Media Company awarded with “Company of the Year” award / Society

Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 16

The Day.Az Media Company was awarded with an honorary 'Company of the Year' award for achievements in its activity in 2013.

Companies that distinguished themselves in their sector in 2013 were awarded at a ceremony held at the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel. Day.Az was declared the winner of the 'Media company of the Year' award.

Day.Az Media Company is the Internet media giant of Azerbaijan. The Company combines various profile sites such as,, news portals, social network , e-mail service,,,, cinema hall etc. women portal, the new project of the Company, refl ects all the interesting moments of women's life such as family, health, beauty, fashion, sports, cooking etc.

Another new project of the Company is web portal which is the most eff ective tool off ering employment in the labor market. This site provides the best specialists and jobs throughout Azerbaijan. 5 thousand new profiles get added every to maitaining more than 11 million summaries.

Comprehensive, checked data are collected in the site, and classified by 26 occupational areas, 450 professions. Every day more than 100 people get the information, more than 300 companies selected employees by benefiting from the databases. Every company can place job announcements and advertisements in, every user can find relevant ads using search system.

10 years old news portal once again maintained leading position in the prestigious search system as the most addressed portal among the South Caucasus countries. Media Company growing year by year and being a leader in the South Caucasus is planning to increase the development and dynamics, expand advertising market, increase reader audience via its new projects. So, the Company is targetting to hold the most leading positions in the international media sector.

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