The First Event Dedicated to Operational Excellence in the Russia & CIS Region Launches This April

Euro Petroleum Consultants [EPC] announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind event, specially dedicated to operational excellence in oil, gas and petrochemicals in the rapidly developing Russia & CIS region - OpEx Russia & CIS 2014.

Being a respected consulting company with a special focus and strong expertise in Russia & FSU, EPC believes that the subject is particularly relevant to the region at this time, given the huge capital investments that have taken place in the last few years for building new facilities and modernisation of already existing ones. "In today's uncertain economy, companies must focus on implementing and sustaining operational excellence strategies in order to drive performance to maximum levels and get the expected return on investment"- said Rumyana Dimova, General Manager Russia & CIS at Euro Petroleum Consultants - the company organiser of OpEx Russia & CIS 2014.

The conference will have three main themes - Human Resources, Management of Assets and Processes and Implementation of Advanced Technologies, these being the main pillars on which a successful operational excellence strategy should be based on. The speakers will explain the basis of true operational excellence that goes way beyond HSE & PSM and reaches all the way to organisational excellence, maximised reliability, optimising costs and driving performance through technology in order to achieve overall improvement of efficiency.

The event will provide an excellent platform for exchanging regional and international experience and best practices in the field of operational and organisational excellence, the latest developments in software solutions, automation technology, real-time optimisation systems , advanced monitoring and process control. Case studies from leading Russian oil & gas companies will be introduced, as well as several presentations showcasing the international experience in implementing improvement programs.

The event will take place in Moscow on 24 & 25 April as part of the Annual April Events organised by Euro Petroleum Consultants. OpEx Russia & CIS will be held in conjunction with the well-established Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference (BBTC), which is also part of the EPC portfolio of respected industry events.
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Euro Petroleum Consultants is an independent consulting company in the Petroleum Industry with worldwide experience - in addition EPC ltd. is well established as a leading producer of international oil & gas technology conferences and training seminars. Founded in 1996, EPC ltd has been helping clients in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals industry to achieve their project goals by providing Project Management Consulting (PMC) Services during all project phases. The company is active worldwide covering the Industry's most important regions with offices in London, Moscow, Sofia, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

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