Caucasian Muslims Office issues a fatwa on abuse of Islamic sacred concepts (PHOTO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 28

By Ilkin Izzet - Trend:

The Gazi Council of the Caucasian Muslims Office has issued a fatwa taking into account the recent abuse of such sacred concepts of Islam as jihad and martyrdom, as well as the believers' concerns about the biased considerations that are sometimes voiced on this topic in society.

Martyrdom in Islam is the pinnacle of the struggle for faith, justice and for the sake of the Motherland, according to the fatwa.

"To give life and rise to the top of martyrdom for the sake of the Motherland is to gain great pride and honour," according to the fatwa. "Each of us is obliged to the martyrs of January 20 and Karabakh martyrs. Everyone's duty is to respect and mention the names of these people, citing them as an example to the younger generation. Azerbaijan and the people of Azerbaijan will always revere the memory of martyrs."

A martyr is a person killed in the fight against injustice and violence committed against family, land, religion or Motherland, according to the philosophy of martyrdom. The main condition for jihad and martyrdom in Islam is self-defence, according to the fatwa.

A disturbing point is that the actions of some compatriots who are involved in armed conflicts in several foreign countries for personal reasons and described as jihad, while their physical destruction is as martyrdom. Around 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory is occupied by Armenian extremists. The fact that in such a situation some citizens are involved in armed conflicts, clashes and religious groups against civilians in other countries supposedly for religious reasons, contradicts the essence of Islam, according to the fatwa.

The Gazi council condemns the participation of some citizens in any confrontation, or interference in the internal affairs of another country. The Caucasus Muslims Office always protested against radicalism, extremism, violence and terror anywhere in the world.

The actions of individuals that harm the interests of the country and people and contrary to the law on 'Freedom of religion' are also condemned. Taking into account the numerous appeals of Azerbaijani believers, the Gazi council urge for these individuals to be prosecuted.

The Gazi council made a decision for religious figures to inform the believers and especially the younger generation, about the positions reflected in the fatwa, as well as the true nature of jihad and martyrdom through their sermons.

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