Baku to host Jahangir SELIMKHANOV’s master-class TRIGGERING ON (Y)OUR CREATIVITY

Photo: Baku to host Jahangir SELIMKHANOV’s master-class TRIGGERING ON (Y)OUR CREATIVITY / Society

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 7

Jahangir SELIMKHANOV's master-class TRIGGERING ON (Y)OUR CREATIVITY with be held in Baku from March 31 - April 27, 2014.

With educational background in musicology and professional record track of dozens of projects across various artistic disciplines and segments of cultural domain - from a juxtaposition of two traditional music cultures in an evolving concert show premiered in India to reconstruction of a ballet performance in a prehistoric rock engravings landscape to a series of community/public art works commissioned to five Nordic visual artists for culture houses in suburbs of Baku to a festival on gender issues in theatre, Jahangir has made a reputation among colleagues also as an ' idea generator', a person who is able to ignite and encourage with creative concepts or just precisely point to an emerging trend or a hidden opportunity.

Our basic position in regard creativity is that it is a primarily spontaneous and hence scarcely teachable matter. Nevertheless switching on the triggers of inividual, group and collective creativity could be a subject to reflect about and experiment with.
Course is primarily focused on artistic creativity, although this kind of training could be useful for people of any profession given a wider interpretation of creative thinking and action. Various levels of personal, interpersonal and impersonal creative processes will be analyzed and modeled in a relaxed and playful way.
The course might be led either in Azerbaijanian or Russian, without any discrimination or prejudice, depending on composition of the group, therefore applicants should be prepared to comprehend the lecture talks in both languages, the individual sessions could adjusted meanwhile according to the language capacity of each student.

Any person within the age limits from 18 - 36 years old, of any walk of life and professional orientation with strong commitment to unleash his or her own imaginative force, to learn about current discussions regarding individual creative output and collaborative practices and to try on formulating and articulating innovative ideas and solutions. Throughout the course selected students are expected to run an individual blog, to read and summarize a substantial amount of literature (mostly in English) and to contribute to a web-site to be constructed and enhanced alongside the course.

Four study weeks, each one composed according to the following timetable:
Monday, 5 to 9 p.m. - lecture and discussions
Tuesday and Wednesday - scheduled individual sessions
Thursday to Saturday - homework and on-line/off-line consultations with the tutor
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. - joint session with presentation of developed ideas and work sketches

A web-site containing individual blogs by course participants , as well as results of four week-long sessions on developing ideas of an artwork (or an event or an innovative social practice or a commercial product) around assigned tasks. That kind of on-line ideas fair in an ideal case might fertilize further interaction with interested new partners , as well as between course participants. Another possible asset is that proposals from within the pool of freshly developed ideas might inspire Yarat! (which is constantly hunting for a new talent) to support and promote some them.

Starting date for registration: February 25, 2014
Deadline: March 15, 2014
Please fill application form and submit a motivation letter (min 200 words) to one of these e-mails: email: ;,
Only the short-listed candidates will be notified and further on invited to an interview. Selected participants will be assigned some compulsory materials (reading, video films, web-sites) to be scrutinized prior to course starting date. In this regard they are entitled to visit the reading room at an assigned library or the workshop premises.

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