Poland offers Azerbaijani students to study in military-technical academy

Photo: Poland offers Azerbaijani students to study in military-technical academy / Society

Warsaw, Poland, April 3

By Seba Agayeva - Trend:

Military University of Technology in Warsaw (WAT) can take students from Azerbaijan, the official representative of unversity Wieslaw Grzegorzewski said at a meeting with Azerbaijani journalists in Warsaw.

Academy that was established in 1951 is one of the leading military-technical educational institutions in Europe.

Students from EU countries and partners can obtain higher education at the academy of military profile in 11 specialties as a purely military and civilian profile, he said.

Prior to 2004, enrollment of students at the academy was held exclusively for the military, but later military school became a recruit civilians for training.

Civilians can get higher education in the departments of mechanics, new technologies, chemistry, optical electronics and etc.

Student population of about 10,000 people. The choice of specialties of Academy defines by the ministry of national defense.

A spokesperson for the academy, foreigners can only learn on the faculties of civilian areas for military training faculties requires Polish citizenship.

Peron who wish to enter in the academy of foreigners may be multiple nationalities, but one of them should be in Polish, he said.

Currently, students from EU countries, from Ukraine, Belarus and even Vietnam have studied in the Academy.

Education of foreigners in the academy paid, least 2000 euros per year.

A citizen of another state which is not a EU country can also apply for a two-year internship at the Academy 's funds.

The Academy is also engaged in scientific activity occurs most often at the expense of the funds are borrowed by competitions.

According to Grzegorzewski, the funding comes from sources such as the National Center for Science and the National Research and Development Centre , Ministry of Education and Defense Ministry.

Commissioned by the Ministry of National Defence, Academy also conducted classified research, which are then introduced into the army, Grzegorzevski said.

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