Georgian President presents Kakheti regeneration plans

Photo: Georgian President presents Kakheti regeneration plans / Economy news

Georgia, Tbilisi, March 13 / Trend N.Kirtzkhalia /

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili announced regeneration plans for Kakheti, Eastern Georgia in Telavi on Monday.

He said the project budget is 120 million lari and part of the sum will be provided by the Government of Georgia and part by the World Bank and other funds. However, Saakashvili said that this amount will increase five times in the coming years. Under the project, 140 buildings will be revamped and new parks and squares will be laid.

In Telavi, underground communications will be completely replaced, historic sites restored, a modern system of lighting will be installed, fibre-optic Internet will appear and a House of Justice will be built.

The President said in Kvareli six new hotels are being built and all the streets are being repaired and water and sanitation systems are being renewed. In the Gurjaani district reconstruction of the Akhtala resort and construction of new swimming pools are planned as well the renewal of roads in Tusheti will take place.

"We would be better following the Gombori road. By the end of 2014 we are going to start building a new tunnel through the Gombori pass which will make the road from Tbilisi to Telavi even shorter," said Mikheil Saakashvili, noting that after the tunnel is built, the road from the Tbilisi to Telavi will only take 40 minutes.

"It will be renewal on a new scale," he said.

The President also noted that well-known global brands have become interested in the infrastructure of Kakheti and in Tsinandali, a Radisson hotel will be built.

He noted the contribution of the Minister of Justice in the revival of Kakheti and said that Zurab Adeishvili will play no less important role in the regeneration of Sighnaghi, Telavi, Kvareli and Gurjaani.

He said that complete rebuild in Telavi starts today. Under the project 150 houses and 50 public buildings will be reconstructed, including music and art schools, the facade of the theatre will completely change, nine streets - two and three small central squares will be renewed, six squares and Central Park will be beautified. A system of communication will be completely replaced.

The regeneration process will be completed in the autumn and as a result, the appearance of the city will change completely. About 3,000 people will be involved in the construction work. The project is being financed by the World Bank which allocated $50 million.

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