Vehicles stuck in traffic jam at Azerbaijani-Russian border due to landslide in Georgia

Photo: Vehicles stuck in traffic jam at Azerbaijani-Russian border due to landslide in Georgia  / Economy news

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 27

By Emin Aliyev - Trend:

Vehicles have been stuck in a traffic jam at the Azerbaijani-Russian border since this morning, eyewitnesses told Trend.

Reportedly, the traffic jam was formed because of obstructions on Georgian roads, which were caused by the collapse of a huge rock mass into the Terek River in Dariali Gorge, which is close to Georgia's border with Russia.

One eyewitness said trucks crossing the Georgian-Russian border were forced to change their route and try to arrive to Georgia via Azerbaijan.

The large flow of vehicles also caused delays at the Azerbaijani-Russian customs area, resulting in a long queue of dozens of vehicles on both sides of the border, one of the witnesses added.

Georgia's Revenue Service (a body combining the functions of taxes and customs authorities) told Trend that the work at the Kazbegi Customs Checkpoint (also called Upper Lars Checkpoint from Russian side) has been suspended and the area around the checkpoint has been cordoned off.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Georgian customs service announced that the Kazbegi Customs Checkpoint will resume its work in the weeks to come, adding that special equipment is being deployed at the disaster site to this end.

The Georgian media reported that cars and transit trailers moving towards the Georgian-Russian border have been trapped under the rock mass which collapsed on May 17 near the Gveleti village.

The falling rocks also blocked up the entrance to a tunnel of a water power plant, which is currently under construction in Dariali.

Aside from that, the rockslide damaged the main gas pipeline, resulting in cessation of the Russian gas deliveries to Armenia through Georgia.

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