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Baku, Azerbaijan, June 6

The splendid summer recreation for the ALBALI PLUS owners! Travel tickets get yet more beneficial for the ALBALI PLUS users as the 10% discount is applied to all the air fares outbound from Baku (except to Doha and to Tbilisi) with the Qatar Airways in the format of MasterCard's campaign 'Discover New Places: PRICELESS!'

The tickets can be ordered at this website:<
Other card holders of MasterCard make use of this opportunity.

Give your dear ones a wonderful gift for the road!

The ALBALI PLUS is an international MasterCard-type card. In any country of the world and at any mall or service centre you can get the product or service that you like. Put the money on your card and use it at any time; besides, you can withdraw cash at the cashlines of Unibank without any commission fee. The ALBALI PLUS gives you the opportunity to shop online - fast and safe. The customers can also use those cards at the cashlines and POS-terminals of other banks.

Unibank has aggregated all of its customers' needs and desires in the ALBALI PLUS card. Now, every customer of Unibank who is holding just 1 card can use various banking services all the same. Being an international card, the ALBALI PLUS is also a combination of the following four bank products: a very-very profitable taxit card, a grace-period credit card and the beneficial deposit and debit cards.

The ALBALI PLUS is a very-very beneficial TAXIT CARD. With this card, you can buy the goods and services you like on beneficial conditions at more than 1,000 vendors and service centres as well as online payment websites and e-stores. And you can pay the price in instalments (over up to 12 months).

The ALBALI PLUS is also a CREDIT CARD and with a grace period to it, too. When you need money urgently, you can draw a soft credit line in the amount of up to AZN 10,000. The customer may use the credit line from Unibank no matter what country he or she is in. the card and credit line period is 60 months. If the customer has settled the debt in full before the 10th day of the next month, no interest shall accrue on the withdrawn amount; as a result, the customer can enjoy the non-interest period for up to 40 days.

The ALBALI PLUS is a very beneficial DEPOSIT CARD. Every day, the money you have deposited on your card will bring the interest. Invest the money you keep in your pockets in the ALBALI PLUS instead so that the money grows if only a little each day. The deposit interest can be up to 6% annually depending on your credit rating with the bank.

The customers who have the ALBALI PLUS can not only draw credit lines from Unibank but also enjoy other banking products on soft conditions in the future.
The citizens of Azerbaijan aged 18 to 70 can enjoy the benefits of the ALBALI PLUS.

For details, please call (012) 117 or visit the website of the bank at ( or else go to its Facebook page (

The official exchange rate is 0,7843 AZN/USD on June 6.

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