Georgian energy minister inspects construction of Shuakhevi HPS

Photo: Georgian energy minister inspects construction of Shuakhevi HPS / Oil&Gas

Tbilisi, Georgia, Aug.19
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Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze and the Chairman of Adjar government Archil Habadze familiarized themselves with the works on the construction of Shuakhevi hydroelectric power station (HPS) on Aug. 18.

According to their assessments, the work is carried out fine. The foundation of the station was laid Sept. 16, 2013 which marked the beginning of the largest investments in Georgia.
At present the company employs 380 people. According to preliminary estimates since 2017, the HPS will be connected to the integrated power system of Georgia with a full load.

In winter energy worked out at this HPS will be consumed in the domestic market, and in summer it will be exported.

The 185-megawatt Shuakhevi hydroelectric power station is being built by "Acharastskali Georgia" LLC. The project envisages the construction of three major tunnels - Chruhistskali-Shalta, Shalta-Didachara and Didachara-Shuakhevi.

Construction of dams and Shalty Didachary and small dams on the river Chiruhistskali is also envisaged.

The Indian company "Tata Power" (40 percent), the Norwegian "Clean Energy Invest" (40 percent) and the International Finance Corporation (20 percent) build hydroelectric power stations on the creeks of Acharitskali.

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