Kazakh state bodies rebuked over duplication of CIS countries` laws

Photo: Kazakh state bodies rebuked over duplication of CIS countries` laws / Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan, June 30
By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

Speaker of the Kazakhstan`s Majilis (lower chamber of Parliament) Kabibulla Dzhakupov said during a joint session of Parliament that the developers of the draft law, namely, state bodies not infrequently rewrite the rules of foreign law without taking into account the national legislation.

"There are a number of old problems in the sphere of legislative activity. There are not enough good, quality draft laws introduced by the government from year to year. Often a developer rewrites rules of international law, excluding national legislation. Thus, many rules of the draft law on personal data duplicated rules similar to the law of one of the member countries of the Commonwealth of the Independent States and contradicted 7 codes and 27 laws of Kazakhstan. As a result, MPs were obliged to revise the draft law," he said.

Dzhakupov added that in general, compared to the previous period, the quality of the proposed legislation has been improved, however, the MPs "do not see the horizon of excellence." Thus, in his opinion, during the work of the fifth convocation, some 267 draft laws were introduced to the Majilis by the Government, some 43 of them returned back due to non-compliance with the requirements. Only 38 percent out of 114 draft laws introduced by the government during the third session, fully complied with all requirements.

"The clear problem is interagency inconsistency. Often the draft developed by the specialized public agency is coordinated with other agencies formally. A detailed analysis of the real situation begins only within the frame of working group of the parliament. As a result, the document is processed by 70-80 percent, and in some cases almost completely. This happened with the draft laws on personal data, internal affairs agencies on combating the activities of financial pyramids," the speaker said.

He added that the perennial problem in authenticity of texts of draft laws in the state and Russian languages was according to him the reason for the return of 10 out of the 13 projects aimed at the revision of the laws.

"I will bring two examples. About 2,500 laws have been adopted during the years of independence, but over these 23 years, not any text of the draft law has been established in the state language by the government. As the head of the state said, the language issue should be decided not by political discussions but the use of the state language of and by all the Kazakh people at home, at work, and in public places. Based on this, our contribution to the development of official language would be the development of the draft law in the state language, "Dzhakupov said.

During the meeting, he cited data from the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science that in 2013, the number of graduates who have studied in the Kazakh language in all specialties was more than 85,000 people, and more than 89, 000 this year.

"At the same time, 4,200 lawyers have graduated during the last two years who studied law in the Kazakh language. Where are they all? Why don't state agencies use these resources? I hope that the government will take measures on all the relevant issues," the speaker said.
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