Every minister in Kazakhstan should take full responsibility for his decisions–Nazarbayev

Photo: Every minister in Kazakhstan should take full responsibility for his decisions–Nazarbayev / Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan, Sept.2

By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to regulate the issue of increasing of the government's ministerial responsibility for the decisions taken.

"Each minister will have to have all the necessary powers in the supervised field and take full responsibility for his decisions. This requirement is necessary to be regulated," the president said, speaking at the opening of the 4th session of the Parliament of Kazakhstan of the 5th convocation Sept.2.

Kazakhstan has already implemented the decision on the new structure of the government, as well as the Decree on the delimitation of powers between levels of government was signed and implemented. This approach allows reducing multiple layers and duplication in the work of the state apparatus, according to the head of state.

"In today's economic situation, the government should focus on strategic issues for the implementation of the main directions of economic and social policies. The authorities to make regulations - different rules, instructions, and regulations and so on should therefore be transferred to the Ministry," said Nazarbayev.

He noted that under the new structure of the government, committees of the ministries are empowered to make decisions to ensure the implementation of state policy in their respective fields. Former functions of centralized committees to oversee the effective regulation of the industry should be preserved for the territorial authorities, the president said.

"For example, we switch to the formation of a single power market in the area of ​​the power utility as of January 1, 2015. Therefore control over the power system must be centralized. The control and supervision in some other important areas and industries should remain at the central level," said the president.

The President said that today functions which are more efficiently performed at the regional level need to be transferred to Akimats (city administrations) of Kazakhstan.

"First of all, it is the function of local importance. This is supported by a broad and international experience. Moreover, a single function should only be assigned to one government agency. There should be no duplications," he stressed.

He added that the central public authorities should ensure that the quality of control and supervision of compliance with all local laws would not be affected.

"The selected functions related to the provision of the heating sector services to the population can be transferred to the akims (head of the fields) without obstacles. For example, issues of functioning of the heating facilities and preparation for the heating season should be completely in the hands of local akim. Simultaneously, the transfer of functions to local government does not only mean giving them more authority. This is their new responsibility for the implementation and achievement of all targets," said the president.

The Head of State added that as part of the division of powers it is necessary to continue the transfer of government functions to a non-government sector.

"These functions are carried out by self-regulatory organizations in many countries. In order to do this, we should begin to build a network of independent organizations. I mentioned only the main approaches on the delimitation of powers between different levels of public administration," said Nazarbayev.

He requested the Government of Kazakhstan to introduce the bill aimed at the implementation of the decree this month to Parliament.

The draft law would need to be considered urgently, he said.

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