Turkmenistan discovers large gas fields in east of country

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, June 26 / Trend , G. Hasanov/ Drilling of a first exploration well in Minara field ended up with discovery of new large reserves of natural gas in eastern Turkmenistan, Turkmengeology state company said.

The specialists drilled up to 4,030 meters and discovered a strong inflow of gas-free rate of 4.3 million cubic meters per day. They believe such a high yield of fuel shows that the gas reserves are very large. Proximity to the recently opened the largest Southern Eloten-Othman field makes it possible to create a single unique oil zone in Turkmenistan.

"Thus, the effective work of geologists had strengthened the status of Turkmenistan as an energy power, which is able to provide secure long-term supply of natural gas for our partners,"  Turkmen Dovlet Khabarlary said.

Previously gas deposits were discovered on Minara.  There has been industrial gas production since 1970. In 2007, development of the deposit on these horizons located at depths exceeding 3050 meters came to the final stage.

Geologists began to search for hydrocarbons in great depths. Seismic studies, including modern 3D seismic survey method and 2D allowed to predict availability of new gas resource in the old field. The successful outcome of the first drill confirmed prediction of Turkmen geologists.

As a result of audits conducted in last year by experts from the British company Gaffney, Cline & Associates, this field was recognized as the giant in the world. In accordance with international methodology, reserves Southern Eloten-Osman were evaluated at a low assessment - 4 trillion cubic meters, the best - 6 trillion cubic meters and finally to the highest - at 14 trillion cubic meters.

Today, specialists at Turkmengeology continue search operations on the fields of Southern Eloten-Osman and Yashlar, as well as the nearby areas Gunorta Garakel, Garakel, Giurgiu. Gazanly, Gundogar Eloten and Gunbatar Yandakly. Turkmen geologists have serious reasons to believe that all these fields can constitute the largest oil zone worldwide. Presumably, the total area may reach more than 90 km in length and 30 km in width, and total gas reserves in this zone exceed the previously announced evaluation of the gas capacity of the Southern Elotena-Osman.

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