Quartz sand deposits discovered in western Turkmenistan

Photo: Quartz sand deposits discovered in western Turkmenistan
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Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, April 24

By Huseyn Hasanov - Trend:

Quartz sand and quartz-rich kaolin clay deposits were discovered in Turkmenistan's north-western part (Karabogazgol, Tuvergur), Turkmen Oil & Gas Industry and Mineral Resources Ministry said on April 24.

"Quartz sand is the main component for glass production and silicon oxide is the main component forming the quartz sand. The structural composition of raw material for glass production affects not only the products' quality, but also the production technology," according to a message from the ministry.

The ministry also said that more quartz in the raw material's composition means better quality of the produced glass.

"Neogene sediments of quartz sand layers were discovered ten kilometres to the west; they have a thickness of 10-15 meters," the ministry added.

It was stressed that the discovered quartz sands are suitable for glass and silica brick production.

"Development and industrial processing of quartz sands will lead to production of glass at an industrial scale. Crushed stone sand sedimentations were formed as a result of heavy water flows in western Turkmenistan," the ministry said.

The sands were concentrated in the form of a shaft and a terrace at the foot of the Gubadag, Greater and Lesser Balkans and Western Kopetdag mountains, according to the message.

"Their reserves are truly inexhaustible," the ministry said.

Natural fractions of admixtures are used in road and railway construction.

Despite the operation of Belek, Shaganly, Gyzylarbat fields in this region, there are also great opportunities for development of dozens of other fields.

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