2013 will be more efficient, safe and meaningful year - President of Uzbekistan

Photo: 2013 will be more efficient, safe and meaningful year - President of Uzbekistan / Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Jan. 1 / Trend, D.Azizov /

"It gives me great pleasure to express to you all my deep respect and sincere congratulations," - said President Islam Karimov in his New Year greetings to the people of Uzbekistan.

Summing up the results of 2012, the President noted that, despite the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, Uzbekistan's economy in the past year to keep steady growth and has made more than 8.2 per cent, the real income of the population increased by an average of 17.5 percent, the amount of wages of budget, pensions, allowances and stipends increased on average by 26.5 percent.

In 2012, significantly increased the contribution of free funds on deposit accounts in banks - in the past year they increased by 34.6 per cent, commissioned 9.3 million square meters of housing, including 7.2 million square meters in rural areas.

The President stressed that "high positions and results on the renewal and modernization of the country, building a happy and prosperous life, recognized around the world today - is primarily the result of dedicated work everyday, courage and perseverance of every person living in our blessed land, cohesion and the unity of the millions of our countrymen."

Uzbek president considers the greatest asset, the most reliable support in achieving the objectives that country faces in an atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness, civil and ethnic harmony.

"I consider it my duty to sincerely thank you, my dear compatriots and creators of all our successes and achievements, my sincere gratitude for your invaluable contribution to the prosperity of the country, which gained its rightful place among the developed democratic countries in the world" - the message reads.

"The main objectives in 2013, the year the welfare and prosperity is the solution of the priority tasks to ensure the interests of the people, the further improvement of cities and villages of our country", - Karimov said.

The coming year provides further sustainable development of the economy with growth rates of at least eight percent, strengthening its competitiveness, modernization and diversification, and the comprehensive strengthening of guarantees of the owners, the broad support of small business and private entrepreneurship, farming, even more empowering waved, a substantial increase in real income population, in particular, the increase in wages, pensions and social benefits by at least 23 percent.

"I am sure all of our planned programs and measures will ensure that 2013 will be secured and prosperous, more successful and meaningful for all of us", - the head of Uzbekistan said.

"May the New Year bring kindness and prosperity, happiness and joy in our families! Let there be peace in our homes and on our land, and clear skies over our country!" - wished President Karimov.

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