Uzbekistan adopts measures to improve efficiency of official foreign business trips

Photo: Uzbekistan adopts measures to improve efficiency of official foreign business trips / Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, March 10
By Demir Azizov- Trend:

President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov has adopted a decree aimed at improving the efficiency of business trips carried out by officials to foreign countries.

The document was adopted 'in order to improve the procedure of the officials trips to foreign countries, improve the efficiency of such trips, ensuring national security and the protection of state secrets of the Republic of Uzbekistan', according to the decree 'On Measures to Improve the procedure of officials trips to foreign countries', published on March 10.

Foreign business trips of officials must be agreed with relevant governing bodies, according to the decree.

The decree has approved the lists of officials whose foreign business trips require a special agreement with the country's president, Cabinet of Ministers and relevant services of the presidential apparatus.

The following officials must agree on their foreign business trips with the president: the country's prime minister, speakers of both houses of parliament and their deputies, heads of Academy of Public Administration, the Institute of Strategic Inter-Regional Studies, Institute for Monitoring the Current Legislation under the President of Uzbekistan, chairmen of the Central Election Commission, Central Bank and the Accounting Chamber, Oliy Majlis (parliament) Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman).

Also the chairmen of the Constitutional, Supreme and Economic Courts, chairman of the National Security Service and Prosecutor General, President of the Academy of Sciences, Director of the National Centre for Human Rights, Head of the Higher School of Strategic Analysis and Forecasting, executive director of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development, the ministers and heads of state committees, as well as heads of regional administrations and the capital Tashkent.

The following officials must agree on their foreign business trips with the Cabinet of Ministers. They are the heads of the National News Agency and the National Broadcasting Company, chairmen of the Chamber of Commerce and the Academy of Arts, rectors of state universities, Director Generals of the Shark publishing complex, Uzmetkombinat, Navoi and Almalyk MMC, chairman of the board of commercial banks with a state share, city heads and district administrations.

Business trips of senior officials of the abovementioned departments should be agreed on with the relevant services of the country's presidential offices.

The government was instructed to approve the rules for the organisation of official foreign business trips, to include to the rules the procedure for working out plan-task and report on the results of business trips, the rights and obligations of those officials sent on trips, the effective implementation of the goals and objectives of a business trip, protection of the national interests of the country, compliance with the legislation of the host country and the generally accepted rules of behaviour, as well as ensure secrecy when persons with knowledge of state secrets travel abroad.

Personal responsibility has been laid on the heads of government departments and economic management for the validity, effective organisation and effectiveness of business trips, targeted and efficient use of funds allocated for business trip expenses.

Translated by L.Z.

Edited by S.M.

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