General: US failing in economic war on Iran

Photo: General: US failing in economic war on Iran / Iran

The US has failed in its economic war on Iran, Head of the Civil Defense Organization General Gholam-Reza Jalali said, IRNA reported.

The US, building up its defense potential and raising the cost of direct military confrontation with Iran, has resorted to many methods, mainly economic strategies, to counter the Islamic Revolution of the country, General Jalali told.

He said the US is pursuing the policy of economically weakening Iran.

He referred to establishment of a center at the US Department of the Treasury for economic war, imposition of restrictions in the banking network, limiting the ceiling for receipt of finance resources, controlling economic exchanges among Iran neighbors, and banning the companies having financial and trade relations with Iran, saying those are examples of Washington's war on Tehran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted defense and cautionary actions to repel the threat and use new economic capacities, he added.

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