Ambassador: Western sanctions not to prevent Iran from achieving goals

Photo: Ambassador: Western sanctions not to prevent Iran from achieving goals / Iran

Azerbaijan, Baku, Nov. 12 / Trend T. Jafarov /

The Iranian nuclear program is implemented for peaceful purposes, in order to achieve economic development, Iran's new ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen said in an interview with Trend

"The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has carried out most of its major inspections in Iran. Up to now, the IAEA has held more than 4.000 man-days of inspections and more than 100 unannounced inspections in Iran. The agency announced that it has no evidence that Iran has nuclear materials for development of nuclear weapons. The senior Iranian official, Ayatollah Khamenei stated that, according to Islamic teachings, the use of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction is a sin. Of course, our enemies try to exaggarate the issue of sanctions, and connect it with Iran's nuclear program in a false way, "he said.

According to him, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution sanctions began against Iran and there wasn't an issue on Iran's nuclear program at that time.

"The main reason for sanctions is Iran's independence and anger of hegemons over the fact that the Iranian people didn't give up in front of dominance and oppression, that Islamic people give priority to Islamic values," the diplomat said.

According to him, in spite of the sanctions, the Islamic regime has existed for 33 years and is constantly moving forward and developing.

"Today, Iran is already a nuclear power, we have great military capabilities, we've sent a satellite into orbit, we rank first in the region in the field of medicine and have made unprecedented achievements in the field of science. We have achieved this all in a period of sanctions. Actually, these sanctions mean a war against a nation, but the enemies in this war will lose to the Iranian people," the diplomat said.

The Ambassador said that the sanctions certainly create a number of problems, it can not be denied.

"However, due to economic and energy potential of Iran, the Iranian people will defend the Islamic revolution and their national interests, we are already able reduce the impact of the sanctions," he added.

Also, he said the effect of sanctions against the oil, gas and other industries has been reduced."The relations between Iran and various countries of the world are developing in the right direction. We sell our oil and get the money. Economic activity of the country continues, and Western sanctions will not prevent Iran from achieving their goals," the diplomat said.

Discussing the presidential elections in the U.S., the Iranian ambassador said that the re-election of Barack Obama is a valuable opportunity for America to correct the mistakes made earlier in Iran.

"The president, elected by the American people must respect the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran and put an end to the hostile policy of the United States against Iran. He should know that a strong Islamic state, Iran is not one of those countries, which U.S. policy can dictate their demands, using force, pressure and sanctions," the diplomat said.

"Four years ago, Obama came up with the slogan of "changes" and said that he will give a cooperation hand to Iran, but in fact, behaved differently. He imposed unprecedented sanctions on Iran, pursuing a wrong policy. Thus the U.S. wants to say that some countries have to make decisions about what should be done in other countries, secondary and tertiary countries should not make decisions in the international system and should not have developed technology. Iran rejects the U.S. policy," the diplomat added.

The Iranian diplomat added that the U.S. showed hostility to Iran from the first day of the Islamic Revolution, which has a negative impact on them.

"Iran is one of the strongest countries in the region and has the potential in addressing the problems in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. Unfortunately, during the last 33 years the U.S. has always been hostile to Iran. Americans sometimes spoke about the negotiations, however set out terms and conditions for them. Iran didn't accept these conditions. If Obama doesn't change a hostile policy toward Iran, I do not see any prospects for direct talks between the U.S. and Iran," the Ambassador concluded

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