Iran castigates US-West silence at Israeli air strikes on Gaza

Photo: Iran castigates US-West silence at Israeli air strikes on Gaza / Iran

Iran on Saturday castigated the stance of the US and the western governments toward Israeli air strikes on Gaza, IRNA reported.

Secretary of Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, bitterly criticized the US and the Western governments for their silence and support for Israeli crimes against humanity and war crimes in Gaza which led to deaths of dozens of the elderly, women and children.

Jalili told Syrian National Reconciliation Minister Ali Heydar and Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil that Israeli air strikes on Gaza are in contrast with western claims that democracy is in effect in the region.

He said the US which maintains strategic relations with the Zionist regime is an accomplice to the entity's crimes in Gaza and can not claim supporting democracy in the region.

He added that the western states supporting Tel Aviv regime should be accountable for bloods of the Palestinian women and children unjustly shed in Gaza.

He said support for resistance is the key to unity of Syrian national groups.

"Today too the resistance serves as the pillar of unity in the region and the Muslim World against the occupying regime."

He said that currently the Syrian government and nation pay the cost for supporting Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.

He hoped that Syrian National Dialogue in Tehran would serve as a turning point for Syria, being a forward-looking movement in favor of stability and security of the country.

He noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers resumption of national dialogue as the best way to resolve Syrian crisis and go ahead with democracy.

He said that Tehran meeting on Syria, entitled Negation of Violence and Welcoming Democracy, would be a concrete action taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran to combat terrorism and violence in Syria.

Jamil and Haydar for their part thanked Iran for its initiative to hold the Syrian National Dialogue Meeting and said political initiatives are the only wayout for the Syrian crisis.

"All international and regional efforts should help peaceful democratic process."

The Syrian Deputy Prime Minister said the US does not seek democracy in the region, especially in Syria, rather they aim to destroy achievements of the Syrian nation.

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