Iran presents five proposals to Vienna Commission on Drug

Photo: Iran presents five proposals to Vienna Commission on Drug / Iran

Minister of Interior Mostafa Mohammad Najjar on Monday presented five proposals to the 56th session of Commission in Vienna sponsored by UN Office on Drugs and Crime, IRNA reported.

He called for cooperation of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and international organizations with the countries lying on frontline of campaign against drugs.

Other proposals included adoption of a comprehensive strategy to end producing drug in Afghanistan by giving the priority to replacement of poppy cultivation with other crops.

The interior minister said that Iran expects the United Nations to implement projects on ˈSustainable Alternative Livelihoodsˈ for Afghanistan and support economic development in the country.

ˈThe Islamic Republic of Iran called for intensified activities to block the laboratories changing the substances and avoiding parallel measures in the international campaign against illicit drug.ˈ

He emphasized the need to use current capacities of the governments in the region to pay serious attention to the principle of joint responsibility of all countries.

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