Ahmadinejad: Massive turnout in presidential election, a heavy blow to enemies

Photo: Ahmadinejad: Massive turnout in presidential election, a heavy blow to enemies / Iran

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that turnout of 50 million people eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election will deal a heavy blow to the enemies, IRNA reported.

Addressing the people during his four round of provincial tour to Khuzestan province, he said the Iranian people can change domestic and international situation to their favor through strong turnout in the upcoming presidential election.

He called on the political parties to come to the scene and avoid taking actions which might dissuade them.

Iranian nation have proven that they know what is good and what is bad, he said.

He recalled the remarks of the Supreme Leader on Noruz holiday in Mashhad encouraging all political parties to take part in the presidential election and said that the political parties must encourage their followers to cast their votes to the ballot boxes.

"I believe that the Iranian people will create another epic which will be registered in the history," he said.

He defended the government's plan to distribute cash among the people to make up for removal of subsidies on fuels and electricity in response to the critics who say that distribution of the cash is humiliating.

Referring to significance of votes in the election, the president said that Iranian people have proven that they are the best decision makers.

The late Imam Khomeini trusted the people, he said adding that the people are ready to create the biggest historical event.

Iranian nation is the vanguard of justice and monotheism, he said adding that all oppressed nations in the world closely observe Iran's developments.

Other world nations have pinned hope in Iranian people to attain prosperity, he said.

Iranian people disappointed the enemies through their great achievements by making use of peaceful nuclear energy, he said.

He said that the Western governments seek to monopolize nuclear energy and ignore Iranian rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty, but to no avail.

"The enemies imposed various sets of economic sanctions to bring the great Iranian nation to their knees, but, thank God, the nation has managed to thwart impacts of the brutal sanctions."

They exerted economic pressures and even launched psychological warfare to dissuade the Iranian nation but they should know that they cannot prevent Iranian nation from acquiring nuclear science, he said.

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