Rafsanjani: Sunni brethren’s demands national plead

Photo: Rafsanjani: Sunni brethren’s demands national plead / Iran

Expediency Council Chairman Hojjatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in a meeting on Thursday with prominent Sunni clergies, Friday prayers imams, university professors and political activists said that Sunni brethren's demands are our nations plead today, IRNA reported.

The Iranian Sunni Muslims both during the revolution and in the events after it, particularly in the course of the imposed (Iraqi) war, in which they considered Iraq as an intruder and attended the warfronts vastly, have dedicated many martyrs to the Islamic Revolution, said Rafsanjani, according to an IRNA reporter in Mashhad.

The Leadership Experts Assembly member emphasized that the Sunni Muslims, just like their Shiite brethren, have shown at the domains of sciences, action, ethics, commitment, and accepting responsibility.

He added, "The effective presence at national scenes, such a participation in the elections, is a duty that our Sunni brethren have always performed perfectly well, and a good sample of that is the recent creation of a political epic at the presidential election."

The Expediency Council chairman referred to the broad participation of the Iranian Sunni Muslims in the 11th Iranian presidential election, reiterating, "The 65% participation rate in some Sunni residing regions was the reflection of the extent of their love for the Islamic system and the governance of the moderate mentality."

Hojjatoleslam Rafsanjani said that one of the present day plagues against the Islamic society today is the religious disputes between the Shiite and the Sunni Muslims, stressing, "The human beings are created for a single goal, and that believes in the Most Exalted God, as the Glorious Qur'an has referred to the Islamic Ummah (nation) as the unified Ummah."

He added, "The events that have happened nowadays in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and the other Islamic countries, are the fruits of extremism and radicalism, which are to the loss (of the Islamic world) and have no outcome, but discord."

Hashemi Rafsanjani said, "Considering shedding the blood of the Muslims as a permitted act, and other such distorted interpretations of the religion are condemned in Qur'anic viewpoint, and in the tradition of the Grand Prophet (P), as well as the ethical and humane schools of thought."

He emphasized that the living standards of the Iranian Sunni Muslims must be upgraded to an extent that it would be a model for other Muslim countries, adding, "You Sunni brethren, too, along with the rest of the (Iranian) citizens, have general demands, which must be heeded."

At the beginning of the meeting Dr. Jalil Rahimi, on behalf of the Sunni Friday prayer imams, university professors and seminary schools tutors, political activists, and Baloch citizens residing in North, Razavi and South Khorassan provinces, asked for ending the implementing of personal viewpoints in various fields.

He, meanwhile, presented a comprehensive report on the activities and problems of the Sunni folks, particularly the border region dwellers, and paying a greater amount of attention to their capabilities and potentials.

The late father of the Islamic Revolution, and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini (P) was the greatest promoted of Islamic unity and solidarity, and after him the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei pursued the same path.

The establishment of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in Iran has been, but one of the moves made in that respect.

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