Iran: Peopleˈs will, not foreign interference should determine Ukraineˈs fate

Photo: Iran: Peopleˈs will, not foreign interference should determine Ukraineˈs fate / Iran

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Sunday night following rapid developments in Ukraine that peopleˈs will and compromise among political factions in that country should determine their countryˈs fate free from foreign interference, IRNA reported.

ˈThe Islamic Republic of Iran pursues the ongoing developments in Ukraine precisely,ˈ said Marziyeh Afkham, who was quoted by the Foreign Ministry Media Affairs Office.

She meanwhile stressed the need for preserving that countryˈs stability and refraining from aggressive moves under the prevailing conditions.

In Ukraine, in a hectic round of voting in parliament, lawmakers rushed in some crowd-pleasing measures against the ousted administration, conscious that those still occupying Independence Square - renamed as the Euro Square by the people - remain deeply suspicious of the political class, the Reuters reported.

They stripped Yanukovich of his abandoned country home near Kiev. Its brash opulence, complete with ostrich farm and hot tubs, were put on display within hours and fuelled demands that the rough-hewn former petty criminal from the eastern coalfields should be held to account for stealing the taxpayersˈ billions.

Several officials and ministers were singled out for being removed from office, among them an education minister accused of promoting a Russian view of Ukrainian history.

Parliament-appointed security officials announced legal moves against members of the ousted administration and those responsible for police attacks on the square last week.

Newly appointed Parliament Speaker Oleksander Turchinov, the now acting president, said a government should be in place by Tuesday.

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