Iran sends aid to Chad

Photo: Iran sends aid to Chad / Iran

Iranian Red Crescent Society has sent the first aid shipment to Chad following escalating violence in Central Africa which made a large group of citizens, especially Muslims flee the country.

The aid weighs 40 tons was sent to the Republic of Chad via a specific flight, Iranian ISNA news agency reported on March 28.

The shipment includes tents, blankets and food stuff to be distributed among displaced Central Africans in their camps.

The former French colony has been gripped by chaos since Seleka, a loose coalition of northern rebels mixed with foreign mercenaries, launched an uprising in late 2012.

Thousands have died and around 1 million people, a quarter of the country's population, have fled cycles of violence that continue even though there are now 5,000 African and another 1,600 French peacekeeping troops deployed on the ground.

The rebel retreat has led to Muslims fleeing the south and warnings from a top U.N. official of "ethnic-religious cleansing".

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