Iranian MP: Syrian elections was not a cermonial event

Photo: Iranian MP: Syrian elections was not a cermonial event / Iran

Head of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said that Syriaˈs election, contrary to western media claims, was not a ceremonial event and people participated eagerly, IRNA reported.

Aladdin Boroujerdi, in a live TV Channel 2 interview on Saturday evening, said that at the invitation of Syrian parliament speaker, he went to Syria to witness competition of three candidates.

He said he believed in a political solution in Syria and was sure that election and its results would have a suitable effect on political solution and elimination of problems in Syria.

To the question why westerners do not recognize Syrian election, Boroujerdi answered that for US and its allies only their interests are important.

He added that Syria was a peaceful country and all different groups were living together, but after the power balance in the area shattered, the US tried to change the balance to its benefit by attacking Syria.

Holding elections was very important for the US government, so they declared that they are ready to keep Assad in power for more two years on condition that election is not held.

Boroujerdi continued that the US government is afraid of democracy in Syria and legitimacy of Assad government.

Westerners cannot deny that election in Syria is legitimate, the Iranian MP said.

Since holding election, any move against Syria would be an action against Syrian nation, that is why West did not want any election to be held in Syria.

Boroujerdi said that three and half years ago the US government declared that Syrian political system should change and used all its abilities in the region to do so and Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia helped them, too.

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