Afkham: New US sanctions on Iran run counter to Joint Action Plan

Photo: Afkham: New US sanctions on Iran run counter to Joint Action Plan / Iran

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Saturday that the new sanctions imposed by the US on Iran ran counter to the Geneva accord, IRNA reported.

The move also contradicts the current peaceful trend of talks aimed at resolving dispute over Iranˈs nuclear program, she said.

According to the media department of the ministry of foreign affairs, Afkham said on the verge of new round of nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1, the US administration on Friday announced new set of sanctions against Iranian and non-Iranian individuals and institutes.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly opposes any unilateral and unacceptable interpretation of the Geneva accord and strongly believes that the new sanctions are against the US obligations enshrined in the Geneva accord, she said.

The move leaves negative and unconstructive impact on the trend of nuclear talks, she said, adding that such measures will cast doubt over the sincerity and good will of the US and other negotiators.

Since the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken confidence-building measures based on its commitments, Tehran expects the US and the rest of G5+1 members to remain committed to their obligations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to employ all its legal capabilities to preserve the nationˈs interests such as taking counter measures and believes that the US and other members of G5+1 are accountable to any breach of the Geneva accord, she said.

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