Iran says Obama remarks damage nuclear talks

Photo: Iran says Obama remarks damage nuclear talks / Nuclear Program

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, in reaction to remarks of US President in an interview with a US newspaper, said that ambiguous remarks of President Obama will cause continuation of mistrust and damage nuclear talks, IRNA reported.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry Media Department on Monday evening, Marzeiyeh Afkham added that part of President Obamaˈs remarks was contradictory to the international law principles and is opposed to the spirit of diplomatic talks.

Another part of President Obamaˈs remarks was an illusion about Iranˈs motive to attend the diplomatic dialogues, said Afkham.

She added that such remarks have lost their effects in the international atmosphere.

Afkham stressed non-militaristic nature of Iranˈs peaceful nuclear program and underlined that Iran, by protecting its legitimate rights upon international treaties, has maintained its nuclear program structure and will continue its peaceful activities upon its programs.

Referring to certain efforts to damage Iranˈs relations with its neighbors through Iranophobia, Afkham underlined that such a policy had no results in the past and will never have any in the future.

She also referred to efforts by certain pressure groups and Israel lobby to have an effect on the US foreign policy.

She said unfortunately it seems that the US government is under influence of such radical viewpoints and this has increased pessimism of the Muslim nations toward the USA.

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