Iranian FM arrives in Vienna for 4th round of nuclear talks

Photo: Iranian FM arrives in Vienna for 4th round of nuclear talks / Nuclear Program

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in Vienna on Tuesday for the fourth round of Vienna talks geared at hammering out a final nuclear agreement by the end of the six-month interim accord set to expire on July 20, IRNA reported.

Later in the evening, Zarif is scheduled to have a working dinner with the western powersˈ main negotiator, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton before the talks kick off formally on Wednesday.

The negotiations between Iran and six western powers - US, Russia, China, Britain, France plus Germany - will focus on starting to draft a final deal that will ultimately provide a comprehensive solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.

According to Germany, this stage of talks could be ˈtough and decisive.ˈ

Berlin was however upbeat an agreement could be reached by July 20, saying there had been progress in the first three rounds of talks in Vienna.

Meanwhile, diplomats from Iran and the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency held technical discussions in the Austrian capital on Monday.

The UN nuclear watchdog said in a statement that the IAEA and Iran held ˈanother technical meeting where progress was reviewed on the implementation of the practical measures that were agreed three months ago under the Framework for Cooperation.ˈ

The agency noted Tehran had ˈtaken several actions and that some related work continues.ˈ

ˈDiscussions on additional practical measures to be implemented in the next steps are ongoing,ˈ the IAEA added.

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