Top official: Presidential elections and their logical result - most significant event of 2013 for nation and Azerbaijani statehood

Photo: Top official: Presidential elections and their logical result - most significant event of 2013 for nation and Azerbaijani statehood
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 29


The significance of the events that took place in 2013 is great enough from the point of view of realization of Azerbaijan's strategic priorities, ensuring the country's dynamic development and fulfilling the tasks before the society, head of the Department of Public and Political Issues of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, Ali Hasanov told Trend on Dec. 29, commenting on results of the passing year.

"Under President Ilham Aliyev's leadership Azerbaijan has become a dynamically developing democratic country that has attained great success in the socio-economic sphere, possessing a great international influence. Azerbaijan has strengthened its status as political, economic, humanitarian center of the South Caucasus and began to play a major role in addressing global challenges and in adoption of decisions that regulate the international relations system," he said.

Hasanov said the passing year's distinctive feature was the Azerbaijani people's unambiguous support for continuation of the policy, the foundation of which was laid by the national leader of the Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, and which is being successfully implemented by President Ilham Aliyev.
"As you know presidential elections were held this year in Azerbaijan. The elections, which were held in a democratic environment, with high civic and electoral activity and with great interest from both international and local public, have once again proved that the Azerbaijani society has no serious difference in opinions regarding the country's future and its path of strategic development," Ali Hasanov said.

Even long before the election, experts and political analysts said President Ilham Aliyev is the undisputed leader, the results of all opinion polls confirmed that the head of state will once again achieve a landslide victory, he said.

"For instance, a survey conducted as part of the 'EU Neighbourhood Barometer', showed that 92 percent of Azerbaijan's population believe in their government. This means that the absolute majority of the population is satisfied with the work conducted by Ilham Aliyev and is ready to once again put its trust in the Azerbaijani president," Hasanov said.

"All objective polls clearly showed the people's close unity with Ilham Aliyev. It is no coincidence that over 1,200 observers, representing nearly 100 countries and about 50 organizations, including the influential international structures, said that the elections were held in fully democratic, transparent and fair conditions, and noted Ilham Aliyev's worthy victory".

Hasanov went on to say that the Azerbaijani people, again put their trust in President Ilham Aliyev, praised the work carried out so far, and expressed an unequivocal support for the president's plans regarding Azerbaijan's future and areas of national development.

"Therefore the presidential elections and their logical result should be considered the most important event for our nation and statehood in 2013," Hasanov said.

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