Tehran talks to have positive impact on Iraq meeting - IAEA chief

Photo: Tehran talks to have positive impact on Iraq meeting - IAEA chief / Iran

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano said Monday that constructive talks in Tehran with Iranian officials should have a "positive impact" on an upcoming nuclear meeting in Baghdad, DPA reported.

"We have had useful talks in a good atmosphere and these talks will definitely have a positive impact on the negotiations between Iran and the six powers," Amano said after a more than two-hour meeting with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Saeid Jalili.

"I am committed to settle the issue through dialogue," Amano added, according to the Mehr news agency.

No comments were immediately available from the Iranian side on the meetings. The Mehr news agency reported that Jalili and the Iranian delegation left Tehran for Baghdad after the meeting with Amano.

Amano also met Fereydoun Abbasi, the chief of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization.

Before departing for Tehran, Amano had said he was hopeful about reaching an agreement on the terms and conditions under which IAEA inspectors could get access to Iranian nuclear sites, documents and experts.

Initial talks between representatives of Iran and the IAEA were held last week in Vienna, but ended without any tangible results.

The talks were supposed to have resumed at the same level in Vienna, but the two sides opted instead for high-level discussions in Tehran.

Although the agenda of Wednesday's Baghdad meeting has not been disclosed, it is widely expected that the main issue will be the inspection of military sites - mainly the Parchin military complex near Tehran, which, according to Western intelligence reports, could be used by Iran for secret weapon programmes.

Iran has denied such reports but has also rejected IAEA access to these sites, arguing that since they are not registered as nuclear sites, the country is not legally obliged to grant any access.

Tehran has, however, indicated that if its nuclear rights were acknowledged and sanctions lifted, it would also grant access to these sites as a sign of goodwill.

Also on the agenda will be attempts to end Iran's efforts to enrich uranium. Iran says the process would only be used for making fuel for the medical rector in Tehran.

Iran says that it would be ready to stop the enrichment if it received guarantees from the IAEA that the fuel were to be provided by foreign countries.

Observers have said that the outcome of Amano's visit to Tehran could have a major impact on Wednesday's meeting, which will bring together Iran and the six world powers who are working to ensure it does not pursue a weapons programme.

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