Dy FM: Main culprits behind assassination of Iranian technicians in Iraq arrested

Photo: Dy FM: Main culprits behind assassination of Iranian technicians in Iraq arrested / Iran

Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Tuesday that the main culprits behind assassination of Iranian technicians in Iraq were arrested, IRNA reported.

Amir Abdollahian is now in Iraq to pursue assassination of Iranian workers in Iraq.

He described the results of his negotiations with Iraqi officials as positive and expressed satisfaction with the arrest of the assassins.

ˈWe never let terrorists mar relations between Iran and Iraq,ˈ he underlined.

Those masterminding such terrorist attacks should bear in their minds that continuation of insecurity in Iraq will engulf them all, Amir Abdollahian said.

During his stay, Amir Abdollahian conferred with the Iraqi premier and other senior officials on regional developments.

Some 15 Iranian technicians attained martyrdom and four others sustained injury in the attack.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to continue its strategic relations with the Iraqi government and nation, he said.

Iran regards the security in Iraq as its own, he said.

He urged all regional countries to help bring stability and tranquility to Iraq.

Iran also welcomes the positive and constructive role of Saudi Arabia in restoring security and stability to Iraq, he underlined.

On Iranˈs nuclear talks, he said the door of negotiations is still open and Iran waits for positive steps on the part of the other side, he said.

Under no circumstances does Iran give up its legitimate right to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, he said.

The behavior of the other side is effective in Iranˈs decision making procedure, he said.

ˈTheir positive steps will be responded by our positive reaction, otherwise Iran will make another decision,ˈ Amir Abdollahian said.

Talks between Iran and G5+1 are not against any country and ˈWe believe that the security of the region depends on collective cooperation of all regional countries,ˈ he said.

On Syria developments, he said the enemies have failed to break the resistance of the country after 32 months.

Iran believes that Syrian crisis should be resolved through diplomatic means, he said.

Iran will do its best to help the Syrian people, he reiterated.

He strongly condemned the interference of foreign governments in Syria. and maintained that no country is entitled to interfere in Syriaˈs domestic issues.

Iran and Iraq have adopted identical stands on Syrian developments and will try to cease violence in order to prepare grounds for a nationwide election there.

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