Armenian National Congress proposes resignation of government

Photo: Armenian National Congress proposes resignation of government / Armenia

After the failure of the initiative to create a temporary commission on the debt for gas, it is time to raise the issue of the resignation of the Armenian government, secretary of the parliamentary fraction of the Armenian National Congress Aram Manukian told journalists at the national meeting on Feb. 5 according to site.

According to his words, four parliamentary fractions not involved in the ruling coalition will conduct consultations on further steps. "It has become apparent that the ruling Republican Party of Armenia is a political force, covering the transactions of the government. Moreover, it did not have the courage to vote for the creation of a temporary commission, although many Republicans also have questions about this topic: some of them abstained from voting, the others did not participate at all," the oppositionist told.

Several months ago, the parliament and people of Armenia learned about the debt in the mount of $300 million dollars to Gazprom, collected since 2010 by the Armenian side, and also about the agreement on the purchase of 20 percent of the Armenian government's shares to ArmRusGasprom.

On Feb. 3, the opposition parties of Armenia: the Armenian National Congress (ANC), Heritage, Dashnaktsutyun and the coalition party Prosperous Armenia took the initiative to establish a temporary parliamentary commission to study issues related to the differences in the cost of sales supplying Russian gas to Armenia, the country's debt to Gazprom, and also the agreement on the sale of the Government's shares to the Russian company ArmRusGasprom.

On Feb. 5, the parliamentary majority failed to agree on the initiative of the four forces, not involved in the ruling coalition, on the creation of a temporary commission.

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