Armenia on the edge of social abyss

Photo: Armenia on the edge of social abyss / Armenia

By Jamila Babayeva

Armenia is on the verge of social collapse with its people in desperate search of ways out of the deteriorating social situation. People are leaving country as fast as they can.

Over half a million Armenian citizens have already registered for Russian Federal Migration Service.

Some 587,069 Armenian citizens were registered in Russia in 2013, 145,122 of whom were granted a temporary residence permit and 16,550 were issued a Russian citizenship.

Local experts believe that the Armenian authorities, which are criminal oligarch gangs, have nothing to offer to their citizens. "The authorities have no conception of social development in the country and this is a real threat."

Georgia's visa-free regime with the EU member states by 2016, as well as recently simplified procedure of granting the Russian citizenship pose a certain challenges for Armenia.

"Most Armenian citizens will face problems in the EU countries after the country's joining to the Russia-led Customs Union," local media reported. "Georgia has simplified the mechanism of granting citizenship. Furthermore, Georgia's visa-free regime with the EU member states by 2016 can be quiet a good opportunity for the citizens of Armenia to travel to the EU without a visa."

The 'small states' in Armenia also face instability due to difficult socio-economic situation. Every fourth marriage in Armeniia collapses, the official statistics show.

The number of divorces increased by 34.9 percent to 1,210 in January to March 2014. The number of marriages increased only by 3.3 percent during the same period.

The number of Armenian citizens leaving the homeland is also on the rise. Almost 28,447 citizens left Armenia and did not return in this period. About 35,500 citizens left the country and did not return in the same period in 2013.


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