Georgian parliament adopts amendments to Electoral Code

Photo: Georgian parliament adopts amendments to Electoral Code / Georgia

Georgia, Tbilisi, June 19 / Trend N. Kirtzkhalia /

International observers will monitor the parliamentary elections in Georgia in the autumn of this year not only at the polling stations, but also in the district committees and the Central Election Commission.

The Georgian parliament voted today for the relevant amendments to the Electoral Code of Georgia.

The bill passed in the second hearing. It also identified requirements for the monitors that make up the code of the observer - impartiality, objectivity, and more. As a result, the code of conduct for observers is quite wide. Also important is the transparency of financing of the monitoring organization. At the same time, an organization sending observers, should recognise and respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia.

According to the original version of the project, each international observation organization has the right to send to the polling stations throughout Georgia two of its observers, but now the range of observations is extended.

Today, the Parliament adopted the final decision to reduce the qualifications for participation in the parliamentary elections from 25 to 21 years.

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