Eastern Europe Studies Centre: Georgian elections comply with European standards

Photo: Eastern Europe Studies Centre: Georgian elections comply with European standards  / Georgia

Georgia, Tbilisi, Oct. 2 / Trend N. Kirtzkhalia /

The Eastern Europe Studies Centre says the Georgian parliamentary elections fully comply with European standards, head of the centre's mission , Lithuanian MP Mantas Adomenas said at a press conference in Tbilisi today.

The centre's mission has been in Georgia since September 29. It is monitoring the elections. The final assessment will be given in a week. The preliminary estimates will be submitted on Tuesday.

Adomenas added that the elections were held in a "transparent and open atmosphere".
"We were pleasantly surprised by the situation," he said. "I want to congratulate Georgia on clear and fair elections."

The European politician praised the work of the Central Election Commission and election commissions.

The parliamentary elections were held in Georgia on October 1. Around 14 parties and two political blocs participated in the elections.

The opposition coalition Georgian Dream Party continues to maintain a lead position with 53.02 per cent.

The ruling United National Movement - more good to people Party ranks second with 41.75 per cent.

Parliamentary elections were held in Georgia on a mixed - list-majority system. Around 150 MPs must be elected - 77 on the lists (a passing barrier of five per cent), 73 - single-seat constituencies.

Parliament will receive more authority in 2013 after amendments to the Constitution take effect resulting in the president's power being reduced.

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