The USA has three priorities in relations with Georgia – embassy

Photo: The USA has three priorities in relations with Georgia – embassy / Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia, Feb. 6

Trend - Nana Kirtzkhalia.

The USA has three priorities in relations with Georgia.

First Deputy of the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, Bridget Brink named these priorities during a web chat: democratic development and consolidation, economic development and security.

"The first issue includes different aspects. It includes diplomatic involvement, in which the political and economic departments of the embassy participate, and public diplomacy, in which the Department of Public Affairs, and also other partners including the United States Agency for Development take part. In my opinion, the main aspect, in which the USA is trying to facilitate democratic consolidation in Georgia, is judicial reform, free and fair elections of the local governance, which will be conducted in spring; freedom of media, meetings, religions and Human Rights", the diplomat said.

The second priority is economic development, which includes assisting in the creation of new work places in Georgia.

"Thanks to the country's strategic location, it can play transit functions and role and use its location for creating new work places," Bridget Brink said.

While speaking about the third priority - security, the diplomat highlighted the importance of cooperation with other partners.

"I would like to mention the contribution of Georgia to Afghanistan. Georgia is an important partner in issues such as nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism," Bridget Brink noted.

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