Georgian parliament adopts resolution on Ukraine

Photo: Georgian parliament adopts resolution on Ukraine / Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia, March 7
By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

The Georgian parliament has adopted a resolution on Ukraine by 74 votes on March 7. The resolution was worked out by the parliamentary majority.

The parliamentary minority and majority couldn't agree on a single draft resolution in support of Ukraine. Georgian parliament Speaker David Usupashvili said at the bureau's meeting that despite two-day consultations, they couldn't adopt a final single version of the text.

The Georgian parliament expresses its full support to the European choice of the freedom-loving Ukrainian people and Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

It condemns the violent action of Russia against the sovereign Ukraine violating international law and the bilateral agreement. It appeals to the Georgian government asking it to continue consultations with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and provide effective assistance to the brotherly people of Ukraine in the case of necessity.

'We appeal to the government of Georgia to actively participate in peacekeeping, observation and humanitarian missions planned under the auspices of the UN, OSCE, EU, Council of Europe and other international organisations and urge Russia to immediately withdraw its military units from Ukraine and to cease all action aimed at undermining the statehood of Ukraine.

'We urge the international community and firstly the EU and the U.S. to take effective political and economic measures in support of the Ukrainian people and protection of Ukraine from Russian aggression in order to avoid armed conflict and to achieve Georgia's de-occupation.

'We support the appeal of the Ukrainian Rada (parliament) to the guarantor states for Ukraine's security, including the call for sending a special monitoring mission to this country and urge the EU and NATO to speed up the process of European integration of these countries which are already ready including Georgia', the resolution said.

The difference between the versions of the parliamentary majority and minority is that the minority demanded the introducing the concept of sanctions against Russia.

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