Israeli airstrikes kill more Palestinian children

Photo: Israeli airstrikes kill more Palestinian children / Arab-Israel Relations

At least four children have become the latest victims of Israel's airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip, Press TV reported.

Latest reports say the children were killed in Israel's fresh air raids on a beach in the coastal enclave on Wednesday evening. This comes after a child succumbed to his wounds from a raid two days ago.

This is while at least Six Palestinians including a kid and an elderly citizen were killed in an attack in Khan Yunis on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, three people lost their lives when their vehicle was hit by an Israeli missile in the same city.

The Palestinian death toll now stands at 220 on the ninth day of the Israeli attacks.

Medical sources say nearly 1,600 Gazans have been injured so far.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees says women and children make up a sizeable number of Palestinian fatalities caused by Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to the UN humanitarian agencies, 80 percent of the victims are civilians, with at least 44 of them children.

Around 18,000 Palestinians have also taken shelter in Gaza schools. The number is expected to rise as Israel is warning some 100,000 Palestinian residents in the north of the coastal strip to leave their homes.

Israeli warplanes have struck more than 1,800 targets across the Palestinian territory since last week.

The Israeli military is going on with its airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip while Palestinians are responding by firing a barrage of rockets into Israel.

Several leaders and officials from various countries have slammed Israel's airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

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