Israel attacks Al-Jazeera office in Gaza

Photo: Israel attacks Al-Jazeera office in Gaza
 / Arab-Israel Relations

The offices of Al-Jazeera in Gaza came under Israeli attack Tuesday, according to a reporter from the station, who said the attack came from either shelling or a helicopter gunship, The Daily Star reported.

Al-Jazeera reporter Wael Dahdouh said that the channel's office was evacuated after being attacked by what he described as intentional, heavy Israeli gunfire.

The Israeli army confirmed the attack, according to Al-Jazeera, calling it "warning gunfire."

Dahdouh denied that they were warning shots, saying that the glass of their 11th floor office was shattered, while an American news agency next door was untouched.

The attack came after Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman called for the cessation of the Al-Jazeera coverage in Israel, due to the support that its owner, the state of Qatar, has provided for "terrorism."

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