Turkey's progress an example to Muslim countries

Photo: Turkey's progress an example to Muslim countries / Turkey

Former German President Christian Wulff is a fan of Turkey's recent progress, Anadolu agency reported.

Meeting with Turkey's Minister of EU Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu on Wednesday in Ankara, Wulff said Turkey's important strategic position is clearly noticed after looking at its EU accession process and economic improvement.

"Turkey sets an example democratically to other Muslim countries with its dynamic progress," he said.

Meanwhile, Cavusoglu said Wulff is one of the 'wise men' in Europe and he always contributed to Turkey's EU accession process as a real friend.

"Wulff made his friendly remarks and criticism to us in our EU accession process," he said.

Earlier today, Christian Wulff paid a visit to Istanbul to attend a conference on Europe's current problems. He will meet with Turkey's President Abdullah Gul in a private meeting on Thursday.

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