It’s time for Russia, Azerbaijan to create joint ventures

Economy Materials 15 September 2014 14:26 (UTC +04:00)

The time has come for Russia and Azerbaijan to create joint ventures, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Sept. 15 opening a meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental commission, ITAR-TASS said.

"Now the time has come to establish joint ventures in various areas," Rogozin said. "It can be either processing of agricultural products, or for example, cooperation in the energy sector, or issues related to industrial production."

He said that given the recent world developments, there are conditions to unite Russia and Azerbaijan.

"Today we see that Azerbaijani products are coming to the Russian markets as part of the policy of replacing imports," Rogozin said, adding that Azerbaijani products are in demand.

He went on to say that the bilateral intergovernmental commission will discuss the issues related not only to the previous relations between the two countries' economies.

Rogozin said Azerbaijan has in recent years made great strides in the industrial sector.

"We see it, we feel it, for us it is an important point, we see how our and your efforts can match," Russian deputy prime minister noted.

He said Russia and Azerbaijan will, as part of the intergovernmental commission, discuss the creation of high-level group on energy issues.

"I'd like to separately talk about the realization of Azerbaijani president's idea on establishing a high-level group on energy issues. Today, we will discuss it as well," the deputy prime minister said.

He stressed that this topic was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I think it is obvious that in the 21st century - a period when the struggle for resources is severely exacerbating generating conflicts - the joint actions of Russia and Azerbaijan, two countries that have large resources, can lead to greater stability," Rogozin said.

He said that here the matter rests not only in the energy and economic issues.

"This is the matter of political influence on the external environment with a positive beginning," he concluded.

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