Turkish Nation Should Not be Accused of Crime it Did Not Commit – Turkish Government

Politics Materials 13 October 2007 13:03

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr S. Ilhamgizi / It is unacceptable to accuse Turkish nation of the crime it did not commit, Turkish Government urged. Trend received the text of the statement from Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan on 11 October.

US House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee by voting 27- 21 approved of the document recognizing so-called 'Armenian genocide'. The document says, "Congress calls on US President to specify his expression about 'systematic and deliberate murder of 1.5mln Armenians' which he annually uses in his speech 24 April - anniversary of 'Armenian genocide'."

Turkish Government in its statement publicized on 11 October condemned the decision of the committee. Turkish Government believes those who voted for passing of the document and who are having a drive in this connection bear responsibility for that to history.

A government statement said the "irresponsible" resolution, voted by the House foreign affairs committee, was likely to endanger bilateral relations. Turkey will do its best to prevent the Congress General Committee from passing the resolution.

Turkish Government again making clear the events of 1915 stated those were security measures undertaken by Turkey during the World War I. Armenia rejects Turkey's suggestion to study the events of 1915 by Armenian, Turkish and other historians.